MBTI protocol

MBTI thought of the day: sometimes it does hurt to ask. There are people out there who want to help you out so if you ask for something that goes against protocol they will have a solid conflict with their appreciation of rules and desire to help you. But there are options:

Process:  review the question before asking and determine whether it is against protocol. If it is, assess the personality type of the person you are going to ask:

ENFP: ask right away, if it’s possible, you will get it and if not, you will get a good substitute. There will be no discomfort on either side

ENTP or INTP: ask and you may receive though they will likely ponder what it would mean (ENTPs will ask why you want the item, and INTPs will merely ponder it in their head). They will likely make an effort to get you want you want or something similar, not as much as ENFP but again, no discomfort.

ESFP and ISFP: ask away, they will likely get you exactly what you want, but don’t expect an equivalent item if what you want is unavailable. You may want to go with them, lest they forget.

INFP and INFJ: we are getting into a more sensitive area with these ones. Their desire to help you will very likely outweigh their value of rules and regulations, but please be gentle.

ISTJ and ESTJ: don’t bother asking. if it’s against any rules or regulations you won’t get it, though an ISTJ will likely offer an apology.

ENTJ: they will likely send someone else to get what you want

ISTP and ESTP: they likely will. But tell them explicitly that you will take other options if the first one is unavailable.

ESFJ and ISFJ: don’t ask unless you are sure they are weak in their S,J function because the encounter can go two ways: 1. Their desire to help you outweighs their appreciation of the norms and rules and they help, but feel uncomfortable about the disobedience (ESFJs will snap back pretty quick but give ISFJs a few….weeks) 2. They will choose to follow the rules but will feel bad for not helping you (this time, go directly to the ESFJ and tell them straight out that you appreciate them anyway, but go to the ISFJ after a few days to gently but explicitly let them know that you aren’t angry)

I hope these rules work, in the future I will address a few more tasty little MBTI items

About gonnagotaghana

I am 21 years old, I am studying economics (and maybe something else) at the university of Calgary. I am going to Ghana to work on the AVC team with EWB. I like Ginger Beef
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2 Responses to MBTI protocol

  1. Janine Reid says:

    Wow! Where did you come up with this? Very cool. How would you see yourself using this in your placement? Do cultural differences change the way you perceive people within these categories or actually categorize them?

    • well I made this up when I was on the plane, watching the hostess. MBTI will surely help me understand partial aspects of each different lens people use to view the world.
      I think there are preferences in each country, so I am excited to go to a country with a slightly different lens preference.

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